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The Abreact is Detroit's most dynamic and exciting FREE performance spaces! We are dedicated to creating an open forum/venue for Detroit performing artists and audiences. The Abreact, formerly the Abreact Playhouse was founded in 2000 by two Detroit actors whose goal was initially to hone their craft by creating their own artistic dojo of sorts. What blossomed as a result was a theatrical venue unparalleled in its freedoms and resourcefulness. Seven shows later the venue changed hands and the mantle has been passed on to the next generation. We pledge to do our best, to do our worst, to cut our teeth, to share our wit and skills, and learn together. Come join us!

Ever wonder what exactly Abreact means? Do you feel the burning need to know how to pronounce Abreact? We're here to help!


Season 13: A Tribute to the Absurd:
Sept. 2013 The Play About the Baby by Edward Albee
Dec. 2013 Four Plays written by Samuel Beckett

May 2014 Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco 

Season 12: The Irish Jig:
Sept. 2012  A Skull in Connemara by Martin McDonagh
Dec. 2012  Faith Healer by Brian Friel*Winner Wilde Award Best Actor in A Drama Keith Kalinowski*Nominee Wilde Award Best Actress in a Drama Jamie Warrow
April 2013 The Weir by Connor McPherson 


Oh Hell! (Bobby Gould In Hell by David Mamet) (The Devil & Billy Marham by Shel Silverstein)  Sept '11

Directed by Charles Reynolds


The Hot Mess Chronicles III  Oct-Nov '11

Directed by Mike McGettigan


Burn The Red Banner: Or Let The Rebels Have Their Fun by Franco Vitale Feb `12

Directed by Frannie Shepherd-Bates


End Game by Samuel Beckett  April '12

Directed by John Jakary



True West by Sam Shepard Sept '10

Directed by Charles Reynolds


The Hot Mess Chronicles II  Oct-Nov '10

Directed by Mike McGettigan


La Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler Feb `11

Directed by Frannie Shepherd-Bates


Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Adam Barnowski & Andrea Smith


Bogosian V: The Christening Sept. `09

Written by Eric Bogosian 

Arranged and Directed by Charles Reynolds


The Hot Mess Chronicles Oct-Nov. `09

Directed by Mike McGettigan


Happy Season Acquaintance Name Dec. '09-Jan `10

Written and Directed by Mike McGettigan


At Home at the Zoo by Edward Albee Feb.- Mar. '10

Directed by Adam Barnowski and Andrea Smith

*Wilde Award Nominee Best Team Work


Calypso by Kelly Rossi Apr.- May '10

Directed by Lyndsay Michalik


Night of the Living Dead: The Musical @ The Majestic Theatre   Oct-Nov."08

Book Written and Directed by Mike McGettigan Music by Chad Kushuba


Tongues and Savage Love by Sam Shepard Nov.-Dec. '08

Directed by Charles Reynolds


The Goat; or Who is Sylvia by Edward Albee Apr.-May '09

Directed by Chris Korte

*Wilde Award Nominee Linda Hammell, Best Actress in a Drama


May 2008-THE BEST OF ME written and directed by Lance Alan
April 2008-EQUUS by Peter Shaffer. Directed by Thomas Hoagland
February 2008-AMERICAN BUFFALO by David Mamet. Directed by Adam Barnowski.
October 2007-NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD-THE MUSICAL Written and Directed by Thomas Hoagland Music written and directed by Chad Kushuba. performed at the Majestic Theatre!
September 2007-DESPERATE LOSERS: NOT SAFE FOR WORK Written and directed by Mike McGettigan

SUMMER 2007!

JUNE 2007 Bogosian 3: The Fundraiser @ The Zeitgeist

monologues arranged and directed by Chuck Reynolds

Desperate Losers II  July '07

Written and Directed by Mike McGettigan


The Cannibals Aug. 07

by ?

Directed by Allison Christie

JUNE 2007 Curtain Call: Ghost Theaters of Detroit

Our first art gallery event!

the photography of C.H. Carroll


April 2007 WHACKJOB Written and Directed by Mike McGettigan Wilde Award Winner! "Best Original Comedy" and "Best Male Actor in a Comedy"-Mike McGettigan! Wilde Award nominee "Best Female in a Comedy"-Lauren Bickers

March 2007 RUM AND VODKA by Conor McPherson directed by Charles Reynolds

February 2007 SWEENEY TODD By Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheeler Directed byThomas Hoagland Musical Director Micheal Feidler

November 2006 THE DUMB WAITER/THE DEVIL'S GAME by Harold Pinter/Bo Price Directed by Adam Barnowski

September 2006 DURANG: AN EXPERIMENT AND A PARODY short works of Christopher Durang arranged and directed by Charles Reynolds
Wilde Award Nominee "Best Comedy" "Best Actor in a Comedy"-Peter C. Prouty and "Best Gender Bending Performance"-Frank Sawa


April 2006 WHO'SHOUSE? by Jen House directed by Tamam Tayeh

February 2006 WATERMELON MAN adapted for the stage and directed by Phil Bolden

November 2005 ACTION by Sam Shepard directed by Charles Reynolds

September 2005 CANCER! THE MUSICAL! book by Shawn Handlon and Tom Donnelson M.D. lyrics by Shawn Hadlon and John Edwartowski music by John Edwartowski directed by Handlon music directed by Edwartowski 2006 Wilde Award Winner! Favorite musical/comedy!


May 2005 THE METAMORPHOSIS by Charles Dizenzo directed by Chris Korte 2005 Wile Award Winner! Best Actor-Charles Reynolds!

February 2005 BETRAYAL by Harold Pinter directed by James Mio

November 2004 BOGOSIAN arranged and directed by Charles Reynolds

September 2004 SPACEFUCKERS! written and directed by Mike McGettigan 2005 Wilde Award Winner! Favorite Original Comedy!

September 2004 THE ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN NEATO MAN! by Timothy Scott Harris directed by Phil Bolden


May 2004 DUDEMAN by Chad Kushuba directed by Adam Barnowski

April 2004 A LIFE IN THE THEATRE by David Mamet directed by Charles Reynolds

December 2003 YOU SANK MY CHRISTMAS! directed by Jeff Fritz

June 2003 THE NATURE AND PURPOSE OF THE UNIVERSE by Christopher Durang directed by Charles Reynolds


October 2002 NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD THE MUSICAL book by Thomas Hoagland music and lyrics by Chad Kushuba directed by Hoagland music directed by Kushuba Performed at Hasting Street Ballroom

May 2002 LINE by Isreal Horowitz directed by Eric Maher

October 2001 NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD THE MUSICAL book by Thomas Hoagland music and lyrics by Chad Kushuba directed by Hoagland music directed by Kushuba World Premeire Performed at Zeitgeist Performance Space


June 2001 THE MADNESS OF LADY BRIGHT by Lanford Wilson directed by Thomas Hoagland

June 2001 REVIEW AT KING'S QUEEN'S PALACE directed by Charles Reynolds

March 2001 ORPHANS by Lyle Kessler directed by Robert Morgan

January 2001 COWBOY MOUTH by Sam Shepard directed by Eric Maher

November 2000 ANCIENT HISTORY by David Ives directed by Thomas Hoagland

August 2000 A NIGHT OF BOGOSIAN arranged and directed by Thomas Hoagland