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So you want get in on the act?


Luckily for you there are a myriad of ways that you can be involved at The Abreact Performance Space!
As a currently for-profit (wanting to be non-profit) organization we rely 100% on the kindness of donations and the "out of pocket" dedication of the Abreact family. However, there is always room for new family members! Just as we continually add to the ranks of talent that have graced our stages with their acting, designing, writing, directing, and designing/building talents we seek to enlist many other talents that can help to run a successful theatre/gallery.
So again you say, "What can I do if I don't DO any of those 'theatre' things?"
Well, the 1st and most obvious thing is to donate money, this helps to pay our actors, directors, and crew for all their hard work. Then there's rent, utilities, and materials both during the season and in the off season. And if not a donation of money than materials such as lumber, paint, hardware, set dressing, costumes pieces, and props.
"But what if don't have any spare money or stuff either?"
Not a problem, because we also need donations of ideas! For fund-raising events, various business services (accounting & legal), and just about any suggestions that would help us streamline our business processes.
And perhaps the most important way that you can help is to simply spread the word about what we do tell folks to come on down and check us out. So even if you have nothing but your smiling face and good graces you can still be a huge help.

So there you have it, one zillion ways to get involved in "Detroit's coolest theatre..."    




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