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Auditions & Submissions

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There are currently no open audtions scheduled for the 2012/2013 season. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check back often.


The best way to submit a play or other project is to come see a show and meet us and shake hands and tell us all about you and your great ideas! If for some reason you can't get here an email proposal will suffice. Be detailed and brief and send to And if you'd like to send a script via the post send to:

The Abreact Performance Space
Attn: Submissions 
1301 West Lafayette 113
Detroit, MI 48226

Abreact Season Auditions

Auditions for Eugene Ionesco's Rhinoceros (Directed by John Jakary)

Monday February 10th, 2014; 6pm to 10pm

Tuesday February 11th, 2014; 6pm to 10pm

More details to come...